Week Two

Christ's Birth-The First Advent

Birth Candle

Reminds us that God sent the promised Savior, Jesus

Main Themes

The promised Savior is born.
God fulfills His promises.
God is sovereign over all history.


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He's here! God's long awaited Messiah had finally come. God always fulfills His promises. One of the ways we know God is completely sovereign (in total control of all history) is by the prophecies He fulfills. God told us exactly where to look for our Redeemer, and Jesus showed up exactly where and how God said He would. Jesus is The One (John 1:1-5).

God loves us. He shows us this over and over again. The most definite and visible way God shows He loves us is that He doesn't just send someone to take care of this little problem of ours... He sent His Son, who is also God (John 3:16).

This is such a beautiful story of God showing His love for us. He sent us a Gift from Heaven. He sent us His perfect, most precious Gift in the most humble of circumstances (Luke 2:1-20).

Discussion Questions

What is one way we know that God is sovereign (in total control) of all history? (He makes and fulfills His promises exactly how He said he would. He fulfills prophecy.)

What was the gift God sent us? (Jesus)

How do we know God loves us? (He sent Jesus)

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